fiberglass mesh/

Fiberglass mesh 75g 5×5mm

Weight / SQM

75g or customized.


White, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow or customized.


50 meters/roll, 100 meters/roll, or customized.

Mesh Size

4mm×4mm, 5mm×5mm, or customized.


0.5m, 1m, 1.2m, 1mm, or customized.

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1. Product Usage:

1. Used for plastering on internal wall and outer wall

2. Used for Marble cracking resistance

3. Other products of cracking resistance

2. Production Process:

1. In the glass composition, 14.5%-16.7% of zirconium dioxide and 6% of titanium dioxide are used.

After being melted at a high temperature of 1600℃, the platinum is drawn into continuous filame-

nts, which are spliced and twisted into textile glass fibers. In the process, the monofilament is coated

with a polymer water-soluble epoxy resin and a coupling agent to satisfy the affinity of the glass fiber

mesh cloth with alkali-resistant polymers during post-processing.

2. The warp knitting machine is twisted and weaved to form a semi-finished mesh cloth.

3. After the warp knitting process, apply styrene-butadiene rubber and pure acrylic emulsion again, and

use constant temperature, constant speed, and constant tension control technology to make it fully glued

(this process is an alkali-resistant coating technology developed by German BASF in Europe for alkali-free

glass fiber mesh cloth), which can effectively resist the erosion of the glass fiber mesh cloth during the

hydration period of polymer mortar Ca(OH)2 in the early stage. After coating, the anti-slip strength of the

mesh cloth junction point is 3.5-4.5N.

3. Detailed Specifications

Weight / SQM 75g
Color Regular colors: white, orange, blue, and other colors can be customized.
Length Regular size: 50 meters/roll, 100 meters/roll Other sizes can be customized.
Mesh Size 5mm×5mm, 4mm×4mm, other sizes can be customized.
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Width 0.6m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.2m Other sizes can be customized.
Regular Package woven bag package, plastic bag package, plastic vacuum package, carton package, wooden pallets.

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Surface Treatment Grade A+
Lead Time 3-15 days
Origin Place Hebei Province, China


4. Products Pictures

Fiberglass mesh 75g/sqm 5×5mm

Fiberglass mesh 75g/sqm 5×5mm

Fiberglass mesh 75g/sqm 5×5mm

5. Packages

fiberglass mesh cloth

      Fiberglass mesh woven bag package

fiberglass mesh cloth

                   fiberglass mesh plastic bag package

fiberglass mesh plastic vacuum package

                           fiberglass mesh plastic vacuum package

fiberglass mesh cloth

                  fiberglass mesh carton package

Fiber Mesh wooden pallet

                     fiberglass mesh wooden pallets package  

fiberglass mesh cloth

                     fiberglass mesh wooden pallets package  

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6. Shipping Pictures

fiberglass mesh loading

Fiberglass mesh Loading

fiberglass mesh loading

Orange Fiberglass mesh Loading

fiberglass mesh loading

Fiberglass mesh Loading

fiberglass mesh loading

Fiberglass mesh Loading

fiberglass mesh loading

Fiberglass mesh Loading

Fiberglass mesh Loading

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7. Our Services

Company Purpose: Creating value together with customers

Company Idea: Professional manufacture, sincere service

Production Concept: Quality first



1. Why is our company’s price the lowest?
We have a complete product production chain from wire drawing, weaving, and gluing. While ensuring product quality, we reduce production costs. We aim to earn the most market shares with the lowest profit. We firmly believe that we can only make more profits when we become the top one in the industry.

2. Production capacity
The daily production capacity is 1.5 million square meters. Each 40-foot cabinet can hold 135,000 square meters.

3. Can the packages be customized?
We can use packages according to customers’ requirements (plastic bag package, woven bag package, plastic vacuum package, carton package, wooden pallets)

4. Do you provide free samples?
We provide free samples, but the courier fee needs to be paid by the customer, we will return it in the official orders.

5. Can you provide OEM service?
Yes, welcome. We accept OEM labels and outer packages.

6. What are your payment terms?
We usually accept T/T, Western Union, and Paypal, please check which is convenient for you.

7. How much does it cost to ship to my country?
Please send your order details including the quantity, size, and color of what you need we will check for the shipping cost.

8.Ⅳ.What is your MOQ?
For the usual size, our minimum order quantity is 1 meter.
For customized products, we can negotiate the order quantity.



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